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I've got a 1991 2.8 TDX, and the thermostat has been taken out, this is quite common when they fail I think. It still runs fine but I'd like to get it fixed before the winter as it will heat up a lot faster. However, I've had a problem getting a thermostat to fit. The part I was given by a dealer was far too small for the space. Is there a large washer or ring or something that the thermostat is meant to fit into, or are there different sized thermostats in different models? I thought the engines were pretty similar from 1991 to present. Any help appreciated thanks! Gavin

A sheet of foil blanking half

A sheet of foil blanking half the rad. worked very well for ages and ages on a Polo when I found out what VW wanted for a new one....O

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


You have most assuredly been supplied with the wrong thermostat.
The thermostat fits neatly into the housing. Take the one supplied back and politley ask them to change it for the correct part..failing their co-operation use many volumnous expletives until you are satisfied..if it was main dealer thats very shoddy service indeed.

My guess is you have been giv

My guess is you have been given the thermostat for the petrol engine. Take it back, and get up em.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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