fourtrak 4x4 problem


bought fourtrak its a 1997 r reg independent when pressing 4 hi button the light comes on drive shafts turning but no 4 wheel drive i know every ones going to say auto locking hubs broke but im not to sure as some times it goes into 4x4 the majority of the time it wont but i have noticed if i press the 4 wheel hi button the light comes on and if i press it again the light goes straight off but when it does lock in to 4x4 and i switch it off the light remains on till i reverse back and then goes out any theories because im puzzled???
does the gearbox know when the front wheels are locked and keeps the light on till there disengaged??

Hi. The 4 hi button comes on


The 4 hi button comes on to indicate that drive to the front axle is engaged ( the front wheel drive out put shaft engaged). the power from the turning shafts ( front prop and half shafts) SHOULD engage the the Auto Hubs, engagement of front hubs is purely mechanical (no electrical connection with the front hubs) the system do's not know if the front hubs are engaged, just the drive to the front prop shaft.

To disengage the drive to the front axle with Auto Hubs you do need to reverse a few yards to unlock the system within the gearbox. It does seem you may have a problem with the engagement of the Auto Hubs, I presume from your posting you have read all the posts about problems with Auto Hubs, re age, wear and the build up of crud within the hubs. If you use the search box to the left of this page and enter the the term "auto hubs" lots of info will come up.

There is a slight posibility that that the splines in the sliding section of the front prop are worn, thus not allowing drive to be transmitted to the front diff under load, though the rear section (gearbox)of the prop is turning.

You only need one Auto Hub to fail to engage ,to lose front wheel drive. Because of this I have replaced mine with manual hubs, one has to trust them to work when you need them !!!!! Power will be applied to the front half shaft/ hub with the least resistance, the one not engaging !!

ews (Edward)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

4x4 problem

cheers for that i have read all the other posts gonna try changing the hubs for manuals, hopefully it will solve it .

Front Hubs


I replaced mine with a set from "Milners" (top of page Parts dealers) check them out, good prices and helpful people. Lots of posts re replacement of hubs or come back and we will point you in the right direction for help on replacment.

ews (Edward)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

front hubs

got some manual hubs from milners, 4x4 works perfect now
cheers mate



Glad to see you are sorted, just remember to engage/lock the hubs BEFORE, you may need to use them.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Sounds more of a problem with the 4 wheel drive engaging, and not a front hub problem as these are vacuum activated.

The switch will operate with some movement, but not enough to actually engage 4 WD, although the light will show it is engaged.

I would begin by lifting the entire vehicle off the floor, start the engine and engage 4 high, put it 1st gear and see if the front prop is turning. If this is turning the front axle is driving, if not the 4WD is not engaging, you have your problem.

If this is the problem proceed as follows:

on the front face of the transfer case, o/s of the vehicle is the actuating plunger in its housing, remove the pipes and see if it is creating vacuum with the engine running. If it is it is most likely corrosion or dirt in the plunger housing limiting its stroke.

Undo and remove the four bolts on the housing and very gently remove it, inside you will see the rubber plunger, push and pull it manually to check for any constrictions. Operate it and start the engine, see if it engages the four wheel drive at full stroke, if not the locknut and bolt in the centre are the adjusters for engagement stroke. Adjust these carefully until you get engagement, this should cure it. Obviously clean out any dirt and corrosion, lubricate it with a rubber lubricant and reassemble with a new gasket as it needs no air leaks.