fourtrak security?


hi all im new to this site.
i bought a K reg fourtrak TDX yesterday and im worried that it will get stolen by the pikeys. whats the best way to keep it secure over night?
its parked on the street under a lamp post outside my house. i have fitted a gearstick/handbrake lock and a shitty steering lock until my disklok and alarm arrives.
is there a good way to stop them from starting it, i.e. a kill switch or other way? what do you use?

Same situation


Many of the later models were fitted with a imobiliser, not sure of when that was.

I suggest you look at after market systems. I have a chain and padlock which I wrap around the the pedals and through the steering wheel, a bit of a pain, but I have been followed home by a van from a pikey site which I pass quite regulary. Just been on holiday for two weeks and removed battery and bleed screw from fuel filter ( no fuel and no electrics) again a bit of a pain ('92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX)

I do have have a friend ( L/R owner) who has wired up a poachers alarm ( legal purchase) useing a blank 12 gauge shotgun cartridge to the clutch pedal, pushing the pedal down pulls the safety pin and fires the blank cartridge into the nether regions of the driver, not sure of the legality of this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, sounds good though.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX