Rear diff problem?


I've inherited a 98 Fourtrak TDX Ind which has come with rear p/shaft removed! Runs OK in FWD but any ideas why it might have been removed, eg typical rear diff problem? Also, when I switch the lights on I get an annoying buzzing sound, what is that !

Hi. As there is no typical


As there is no typical rear diff problem, they are pretty bullet proof. I have not yet come across a rear diff problem on the site except for leaking seal or half shaft seals/bearing. Check the gearbox ,rear axle output shaft for serious wear/play in the bearing. Possibly the prop shaft U/J bearing had worn to the point that they had destroyed the U/J coupling. Any noise from the rear diff ???, as all parts will rotate even if free wheeling, any oil leaks ??. Suggest you get a 2nd hand prop and try it out.

Buzzing sound is probable the a malfuntion in the "lights left on, ingnition key out " warning buzzer. I have this on a spare truck that I have, a '92 TDX of Irish origin, which came with a destroyed front prop.


Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX