auto locking hubs


can i replace my fourtrak auto locking hubs with sportrak ones as mine arent working?

front wheel bearings

i know these are adjustable but i am baffled by the set up
if you have play it is around the outer hub,i now know how to do this,what you will need is torq set small,and some allenkeys.
undo cover of auto hub,with allen key,loosen all the bolts around auto hub 12mm socket,raise body,you do not have to take the wheel off,but it does make it easier,and the same for the brake calliper,i removed both,but i did not need to,it just makes it easier if your going to take the whole bearing out or just tighten.
once vehicle is off the ground undo the bolts around auto hub assembly,remove hub by pulling it off gently
take a note of how it is positioned relevant to lug on hub
(this is like a bakelite ring not very strong so take care)
you will then see a ring around outer hub this holds the bakelite in place,take off ring and carefully prise ring out
then you will see a chrome ring if you look inside ring you will see 3 torq screws (small)undo these and pull ring out,you will then see the large nut depending on what you find here is the difference between a smile and a frown,if your lucky just undo nut take off outer bearing clean and regrease with water proof grease,then put some fresh grease into inner bearing,i did not take off the assembly fully
as mine just needed a bit of fresh grease and adjusting,if you find dirt metal filings rust,water this is not good,your bearings are more than likely shot,replacement is the only option.hope you find this useful remember to check the back of the seal to make sure seal isn't leaking(grease behind back of brake calliper shield)this is a bitch to have to replace.but not the worst job i have ever done.
this will cost 300 pound to do yourself,i hope you find this info useful.

in theory i would say this

in theory i would say this would work,however you need to know why yours are not working,is it the hub or transfer box,
if you can compare the 2 do so.
this is only a guide i do not understand this vehicle fully yet.

took the auto hubs off today

took the auto hubs off today and it seems someone has tried to fix it before. there seems to be a bit missing between the hub and bearing. going to buy a full hub/carrier to see if i can fix it