fourtrak f75 brake pads


hi guys. which pads are best for this model? also whats the best way to spay old oil for underbody? i can use my mates old compresor with what he called a parafin gun??? will that do the job/ cheers Help

Brake Pads


I think most folks buy generic pads. as I have not come across any one giving a specific recomendation.I purchase mine from "Milners" ( top of page Parts Dealers). Yes, you can spray the underside with waste oil, if you do not mind getting covered in it when ever you work under the truck, and leaving an oil slick when wading through streams.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

thanks. there are some pads

thanks. there are some pads cheap on ebay might aswell get them then. anymore comments about the waste oil would be great

yer milner

I agree, milners is the best place to get these (cheap too, i dont think that the likes of green stuff etc exists for fourtraks -outdated), spray underneath with oil if you want, wipe of any that touches exhaust and any other 'hot parts' or electrical items, waxoyl is better for this job though cos oil doesnt last especially when it starts raining, the only place i put oil is on the leaf springs now and waxoyl everything else, to do the springs properly jack up the chassis(not the axle)so the wheels are off the ground this will stretch the springs and let the leaves gap allowing the oil to spread into the parts that normally get missed, these are the parts that rub and grind on the suspension.

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