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I have a couple of problems which have developed with my Sportrak, not sure if its to do with the mileage as its now just 200 miles off reaching 90,000.

First problem is with my suspension. Problem originally was when turning right the sportrak would lean hell of a lot. So I thought leafspings! and replaced them. However the problem resurfaced after a couple weeks when the springs had settled down a bit the problem was still there. However over the past few months the problem has developed where the suspension on the back now feels very crap. Go over a speedbump and it feels like the rear end jumps off the ground, also you feel most bumps in the road. So at a guess I might need to replace the shocks?

Second problem is that my drivers side rear brake seems to be almost randomly sticking partly on. Usually hear the "squeal" of it being stuck on and the slight pull to the right, especially when braking. However stuck quite bad after slowing down at a roundabout this afternoon and could hear the squeal and it was very difficult to accelerate and just as i was pulling in to have a look there was smoke coming from that wheel and the nasty hot metal smell. So had a quick look around and only seemed to be that wheel which smelt and seemed to be radiating heat. Once set off again it was ok.

So my question is, what is the cause of each problem and whats the best way to solve it. My opinion for 1st one its the shocks which are now at fault, but not sure whether to replace just rears or all 4. Second one i know its a brake problem. But no idea on what options i have.

Id say your spot on with the

Id say your spot on with the first problem.
The sticking brakes could be a number of things. Your handbrake cable could be siezed. I assume Ferozas have drum hand brakes. Alternatively, it could be a siezed wheel cylinder, or broken return spring. Take the drum off and have someone gently press the brake pedal while you watch the shoes. Dont let them press all the way to the floor. Watch for the wheel cylinder pistons pushing both brake shoes out, and also for them to return when the pedal is let up. Obviously, also look for broken/chewed components, or rusted/obviously siezed components. It could also feasibly be a dud rear wheel bearing.
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Yup I agree with you both on

Yup I agree with you both on the first problem..almost certainly shocks...dunno about changing all four though..if front ones are ok why change them....

Problem 2
S'funny but I have exactly the same problem with my Mahindra at the wheels.. lol ...but at the front rather than rear..Mahindra have drum brakes all round (unless you have done the conversion to discs which as yet I have not)...whipped off the hub and drum the other evening...cleaned everything up...pressed brake movement of shoes by pistons...siezed cylinder or restricted flow of fluid to cylinder as a result of collapsed line...dunno which yet cos it started coming down in buckets...and I ran indoors smartish :-).... incase I melted

Follow David's advice Lurch..get that drum off and av a look see...find out whats going on m8