Help!!! Overheating 1991 Applause


Hey guys im seriously about to throw in the towel with this car.
Its boiling after a short while with very little load on the engine.
The overflow bottle is boiling out when the car is turned off.

The car started overheating not long after all the engine work was finished about 1500kms. I re-torqued the head bolts on its first overheat since engine work and it did prolong overheating as well as remove pressure from the radiator hoses.... but its still getting worse. The longer the drive the more it overheats.

I have tested the water pump and all is working fine.

I have changed

Head Gasket
Shaved the Head
Brand new radiator
Radiator Cap
New coolant

Note: It also idles high (about 2000) after coasting at about 90-110 kmh... i have to turn it off for it to go back to normal

Im seriously about to burn this car... help!

Help!!! Overheating 1991 Applause

Also... I have been told by the toyota tech that it could be another head gasket again due to me filling it up with coolant straight away and not running water for a few weeks.

Can anyone confirm this?