[edit] Grand Move 1.6 - Gearbox Broken.


Managed to change my rear discs and pads and put my Grand Move through it's MOT 2 weeks ago.
Now my girlfriend has come home to say that there are strange noises coming from it. Oh dear.

I've had a listen and I'm guessing that it's the gearbox; it makes the noises whilst in 2nd and 3rd gear, under mild load. But not whilst changing gear.

It sounds like the classic "tear the stylus off the record / scratching it" type sound that you get in movies or radio plays, or a bit like the sound of some one doing up the zip on a tent. Sometimes instead it sounds like the car magically has a jet-engine powered turbo all of a sudden as it "whines up" under acceleration.

Not being a gear box expert - does any one have any theories as to what may be the matter?

Gearbox ruined!?

I attempted to take the car to the local garage for an opinion re: the gearbox, but about 2-3 miles out there was a loud bang (physical, not explosive) and juddering. After pulling over to check, I had difficulty getting it back into gear but managed to reverse it to a safe spot a few metres away and will have to tow it home with a friends help tonight.

So I guess that's it. RIP.

I can't afford to splash out on a new gearbox. Time to find a banger in Cornwall.

We loved our Daihatsu Grand move, we used it for picnics, moving house, gigging, it took us around France, to the beach, etc. A good car.