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i have a 1300 hi jet s reg its over heating but only when stuck in traffic, does anyone know if its a big job the change the thermostat and also how much they cost?

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Does the radiator fan come on when the engine gets hot Unknw If so, then you have a problem in your cooling system. The thermostat is located at the back of the engine under the 'hump' area. It is directly below the chassis crossmember, and is therefore, awkward to get at. Remove the large hose from the thermostat housing,then undo the 2 bolts that hold the housing on. Remove the housing, and pull the thermostat out ( it may be seized in the engine, but it will come out if you pull it with a pair of pliers ). Clean the gasket from the housing and engine faces, and clean the groove that the thermostat fits in. place the new thermostat in the engine, and re-assemble as per the dismantling procedure. The hardest part is trying to get the gasket to stay in place. My van has the same problem, and to be honest, I removed the thermostat and just left it out. The temperature gauge barely gets off the cold mark, but if I leave the engine idling, the temp gauge goes to halfway, and the fan comes on. Try also putting a bootle of K-seal in the cooling system, it's made by a company called Kalimex.


hi thanks for your reply
sometimes the fan comes on but more often then not it does not come on so i have to put the blowers on hot then that cools it down, i may just try what you have done just leave the thermostate out

thing is.. its coming up to

thing is.. its coming up to winter now.. do you really want to sit in a cold van in traffic?
when i bought my van and had to drive it 4hrs back home with no heat end of December.. it was NOT nice at all and i am used to riding a motorcycle in winter!

what you can do is hard wire a switch in to the fan. i have read/seen some people do it here in the past.

a new Hijet Forum

a new Hijet Forum


Sometimes it's a trade off, do you want a van that overheats, or one with a cold heater Unknw the choice is yours. You can wire in a switch for the fan, but you'll find that it will struggle to cool the engine if there's a fault with the cooling sysytem, and you might forget to turn it off. This may burn out the fan motor as it's not meant to be run continuously.


I know this is an old post but someone else might find it helpful.

Think theres some weird info going on here-

"Does the radiator fan come on when the engine gets hot Unknw If so, then you have a problem in your cooling system"

Why is there a problem with that? thats what the fan is there for.

Plus I wouldn't run a car without a thermostat can create more trouble than good.

Today i've done the thermostat on my first hijet. Its a 1.3 with LPG and the thermostat is a pain to get too. Its not behind the back panel as previously posted. I had to take the alternator out and the handbrake centre member to get access to the 3 flange bolts.
All in all I have spent a good day fitting a thermostat and fully flushing the system.

To flush I was suggested denture tablets, dish washer tablets and descaler. I went with denture tablets as they were 2 for 1 in the 99p store.

Firstly I flushed with clean water for 20 mins. then flushed individual sections which will make a bit of a mess.
I then filled with water and 4 denture tablets, run on fast idle for 20 mins. Needle stayed central so good signs. left over night.

Tomorrow I'm going to flush again and then use proper rad flush before flushing again.

Use an extension of pipe to get the bleed pipe above the highest point of the cooling system.

Then fill coolant system as per the manual.

A good flush and bleeding once a year should keep the engine running nicely. Plus obviously checking caps, pipes, flanges etc.

My S reg 1300 Hijet has

My S reg 1300 Hijet has overheated since the day I bought it, like yours when stuck in traffic & unfortunately every time it goes for MOT while they do the emissions tests. Sad
I've changed the thermostat & wired the rad fan to a switch on the dash, but it still does it. So if I'm stuck in traffic, I just switch off the engine & wait. Scratch one-s head
I suppose the next step for me is a new water pump. For the time being, I just watch the temp gauge closely & top up the rad as the manual says, via the radiator. Smile