Fourtrak 3rd gear noise


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I have just started getting a knocking, rotational noise from my 96 Fourtrak, when 3rd is engaged. All gears engage easily (including 3rd), the knocking does not happen in any other gear, or when 4WD is engaged. It only knocks when under load (not with clutch in).

I use the trak regularly for towing and I'm pretty sure the gearbox is going to give out pretty soon.

Is this a common problem, and is there an easy or more importantly a cheap fix?

If I need a replacement gear box, can anyone recommend a good supplier of recon gearboxes in the southeast?

Many thanks.

Hi, My 95 Fourtrak is also


My 95 Fourtrak is also experiencing this problem. Did you get to the bottom of this?

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3rd gear

i had the same happen to mine 2 days after buying it so fitted second hand box from a breakers yard and 4 weeks down the line the same as happened again, can you check these boxes before fitting them and what have to got to look for !!!!



If the knocking came on suddenly, you might have knocked a tooth off one of the gears.

Drain the oil and see if anything nasty (like a bit of gear tooth) is stuck to the magnetic drain plug.

I speak from experience having rushed a gearchange and got the nasty knocking noise immediately afterwards.

A layshaft will cost you about £300 plus VAT.