big problems can anyone help me out


hi all
well i fitted the thermostat on my van today but i have cracked the thermostat housing , does anyone know where i can get one close by to the wirral?
i have tryed all the scrap yards and all the car/van parts and they just say they cant get hold of one as the part is not listed, am really stuck at its my good old work horse that is used daily, its a highjet 1.3 16v Sreg

i have been trying to find the part since 12.00 today Sad



mate try this guy if any one will have it will be him his name steve07872335909 tell him mark ov stoke gave him ya number ok


Thermostat housing

There are some people in Bilston nr Wolverhampton who break Hijet's on ebay. I've bought parts from them, as have others on this forum with no problems.
Their ebay username is daihatsu2009. I know it's not close to the Wirral, but they will post parts.
It may be worth Emailing them to see if they can help. Smile

cheers for that kentgpz11

cheers for that kentgpz11 i have just done a search for them on ebay and it can not find the username Scratch one-s head