tappet adjustment


could anyone please tell me the correct way of adjusting the tappets,i have no manual as yet,if i do adjust tappets will this throw the timing out.
any help would be greatly appreciated,also is there a phone number i can contact on this site,as i would like to buy a manual for my L reg fieldman 2.8 tdl,

Piece of easy.

Take off the rocker box.

Rotate the engine until the front cylinder (Number 1) exhaust valve is just closing and the inlet valve just opening (they will both be tight).

At this point, the back cylinder (Number 4) will be at top dead centre on compression with both valves shut. Adjust the tappet clearances on this cylinder.

Similarly, adjust the tappets on Number 3 when the valves on Number 2 are just open. Adjust the tappets on Number 2 when the valves on Number 3 are just open, and adjust the tappets on Number 1 when the valves on Number 4 are just open.

If you find that huge amounts of adjustment are necessary, this is so rare that it is most likely that you have not got the engine in the right place. Check that you have.

To rotate the engine, you can turn the fanbelt pulley clockwise with a 22mm (if memory serves) socket. It will be necessary to have someone watch the valves while you do this. Otherwise, I find it easier to push the vehicle backwards in 4th gear while watching the valves, but in this case, you have to remember that the valves go 'inlet then exhaust' because you are turning the engine backwards.

Sorry if I'm teaching gran to suck eggs, but the valves working from front to back are:-

Ex #1
In #1
In #2
Ex #2
Ex #3
In #3
In #4
Ex #4

I forget the size of the correct clearances, but these are shown on the green sticker on the rocker box.

By adjusting the valve clearances you cannot affect the injection timing.