new brake discs now problems (fourtrak)


just put new discs pads on my four trak now when i brake i get a pulsing from the pedal totally amazed?? wasnt like this with the old ones on carnt under stand whats wrong .
When im going slow 10 to 20 mph and brake its ok its just at higher speeds
anyone got any ideas??


Most likely you have disturbed the brake disc and it is not now mounted correctly and centrally.

This is most likely dirt of corrosion forming behind it where it sits flush up to the hub, remove it and clean it thoroughly. Removing a wheel will allow it to move slightly as the wheel holds it tightly in place, especially if it is a one stud fixing type.

Well maybe the problem is

Well maybe the problem is not in the new brake pads, but the problem is the disc itself. The new pads seem to be flat because it's new, on the other side your disc maybe not flat anymore. Maybe you should check the disc.