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Hi just found this site think its brill, iv been building off road sportraks for about five years now with me mate.we have plans for winch bumpers deisel convertion and suspention mods.we have don two sporty bodys and put them on 4 trac running gear end up with a coil sprung deisel sportrak we try to only start with rust free sportys but its getting harder to find them.I have put some pics of a car we just finished on the gallary p reg blue one
10.50 15 31 turbo seara tyres £ 470
engine remap for torque £275
millner springs centre leaves re temperd £165
super winch £350
bumpers £200
battary convertion 180 Ah £100
arb diff lockers £1600
car £1000
We only do this as a hobby but if anyone wants a bumper makeing or look at a car to see how to do their own your wellcome we have don just done about everything you can to a sporty and would love to sheare this with other people thanks for this great site

Diff Locks for Fourtraks


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There has been some interest on site, re Diff locking mechanisms, for Fourtraks. care to post more info.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX