Where can I get body repair panels ?


I am giving my 1990 F75 a major service B4 the Bi-annual mot here in France. The rear wheel arches are in a poor state so I thought I would treat the old girl and repair/weld them but where can I source repair panels Unknw most Uk panel sites I have looked at don't list the Fourtrak.
Another thought, could I do some rough and ready weld repairs and then source plastic wider arches to cover them Unknw


Wheel arch repair panels are not available for the rear wheel arch, and never have been, to replace this you would have to buy a complete quarter panel. These are expensive and only available from Daihatsu, so your only option is to replace them by making your own.

I made two plugs from laminated plywood, a right and left hand, and now form 2mm thick sheet steel over these by hand. It is long winded, but the results are new wheel arches so thick that they will outlast the body. I then proceed by marking the body and cut the old wheel arch off, i then replace the lower section by welding in 2mm thick plate to form the lower edge which gets the full blast of debris from the road wheels.

The new panel is roughly installed and lined up with the marks on the body, this is spot welded to the newly installed lower metal. I then form the lips and spot weld the flanges to the body, carefully and slowly to prevent distortion, these are then ground flush. Underneath these spots are then stitch welded to the new lower section.

Underneath all the seams are treated to brush on sean sealer, this is repeated on the inside, this is the flexible sealer originally used. This seals any gaps and the joint, it is filled on the outer quarter panel and flatted down.

Underneath receives a couple of coats of industrial steel paint on the new surfaces, it is also applied to the inside of the new arch. The underside is then treated to a couple of thick coats of gun applied stone chip and allowed to dry, another coat is then applied. This gives the underside protection as it is flexible when subjected to impact damage. The underside is then subjected to several coats of underseal applied by gun, this builds up and further protects and seals it.

The body is painted in its base and clear paint and left to dry, this is then finished, the inside of the arch, now painted, is treated to additional protection from waxoyl or similar.

It sounds a lot of work, but is worth doing, and doing once, and properly as any bodged repairs will only last a year or so before they want doing again.