fourtrack transmition whine...


hi i`m new to daihatsu`s and have a problem with my new 1992 fourtrack..when i drive it, it seems to be whining at the rear and when i change down or up a gear it is very much more noticible...when i put the clutch in and free wheel on the road the whine seems to go, then when i let the cluch out it starts to whine again is this a problem or can i stop worrying.

Sounds like you might have so

Sounds like you might have some wear in the crown and pinion gears of the rear differential...when you step on the clutch this disengages the engine from gears and the propshaft stops spinning /slowsdown..that why the noise appears to go away.
Get under the car and grab hold of the main propshaft going to rear wheels. Push,pull and generally yank it around in all directions..there should be no or very little movement...check the differential oil by undoing the nut on the diff housing...fill up till it overflows out of the hole.
Play in the diff can be taken up with shims.
If you have a manual take a look at the relevant section..rear axle and differential.