Noisy F73


I just bought a 2002 F73 replacing my 1995 F70 (Indonesia), the vehicle still in good condition.

But the sound from the front end really bothering me, when the vehicle reach speed 50 km/h and up...the noise begin to show. It sounds like "wwwuuugggg wuuugggg wuuugggg".

One of my friend said, that the sound came from damaged front wheel bearing or the diff shaft bearing.

My question is, which one are oftenly damaged? The front wheel bearing or the diff shaft bearing?

Thanx a lot.


Front end noise


I would first check out the front wheel bearing, ( prone to wear ,especialy if not kept tight and greased). Most unlikly to be the diff bearings.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

the noise gone

hi, thanx for your information, i just got it checked this afternoon and the front wheel bearing are slightly prone to wear because the nuts adjuster is loose, so i replaced it with new wheel bearing, adjust it correctly and voila, the sounds gone.