Four wheel drive may not be operating


Hi I recently bought a 1997 2.8 Fourtrax. I tried to put it on the ramps at the weekend to have a good look underneath but rear wheels were spinning on the ramps so put it into 4x4 expecting it to crawl up easy but no difference. I have since attached the rear of the machine to my stationary Bedford RL with a chain and tried giving it a pull ,sure enought the rear wheels just dug in. I then selected 4x4 (small green diagram now showing up on dash) but again only rear wheels spining and nothing at the front. Am I correct in thinking all wheels (diff lock operational) should have been working. Any idea what is wrong? What can go wrong with the 4x4 or am I just missing something. Previous owner said she regularly used the 4x4 option when towing her horse box out of wet fields.
By the way does this model share any of the running gear from the older models?
Thanks for now Bill

4x4 problems


Welcome to the site. Take a look at the posts below.(read all comments) as lots of info

Put the term "auto hubs" or "front hubs" or similar in the "site search" box on the left of the page , lots of info available.

Sorry, but NO diff lock or center diff fitted to these trucks.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX