4 wheel drive wont disengage


Help hi all go easy new here i have looked at other posts and not been able to find a solution my 4wd light on the dash wont go out and disengage 4wd tried everything i can think of and the advice on the other posts and it just wont go off just to let you know i have reversed the lenghth of my road to try and get it to go off any help much apriciated

thanks for your help guys seems to have sorted its self out Scratch one-s head

Locked Up !!!!!!!!!!

Hi and welcome.

Are you sure the drive to the front axle is locked in ????, not just an electrical fault illuminating /engaging the switch !!!, if it is do not drive on tarmac/hard surfaces or you will wreck the transmission. As a temporary measure is you could remove front prop, thus isolating the front axle.( or manual hubs move to 4x2 position) Have you tried removing the electrical supply to the switch !!!

Thoughts are possibly a seized vacuum actuator, this engages the drive to the front axle, the low range 4x4 selector engages low range gears and a vacuum actuator,for front drive shaft. Hi 4x4 (via the dash switch) engages just the vacuum actuator for the front drive shaft.

Rare problem, its usually the other way round, loss of drive. Not much help sorry. Come on folks, some one surely can help here.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

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Just definitely double check that its permanently in 4wd, if its not then you have an electrical fault in something like the switch, if it is stuck in 4wd then its the solonoid on the transfer box for 4wd stuck as best guess ( tap with hammer), if not this then mechanical problem, have you tried going to 4 low then back to high4 then switch off for 2high and reverse?? also just check the cables going to the transfer box for anything that is loose,rusty broken etc...

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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