Oil filter replacement Terios 07 plate



Just a quick enquiry. I want to service my wifes terios. I will need to change the oil and have serviced many cars in the past. I noticed the oil filter has limited access and has a shield under the filter which prevents traditional wrenches from being used. Is it best to use a strap oil filter tool or a laser tool 12 flute 76mm which slides on the end of the filter. Any advice greatly recieved.

Peter Rees

Terios oil filter

Hello Peter

As far as I am aware all latest model Terios' use replacement paper elements rather than spin-on canisters, as do the Sirions from '05. If you do a search for "New Sirion oil filter" you will find my posting from last April which covers the subject in some detail.

Happy servicing.


Ignore my last posting. I was mistaken about the Terios oil filter. It is the Materia which has paper elements.

Terios oil filter

Sounds as if your oil filter is just as inaccessible as that on my YRV. Ease of removal requires a wrench to slide onto the end of the filter. You describe your need as 'a laser tool 12 flute 76mm'.

A word of warning. I bought a similar wrench for my standard Daihatsu fit filter. The next filter I bought was a perfectly respectable aftermarket filter......it had a different number of flutes and a different diameter. Arrrgggg!!!!

YRV Tony

YRV Tony