Fourtrak alternator pump pipes - where do they go???


Hi Guys,
Newbie on the site, and a total newbie to Fourtrak engines.
Brief history: I have a '87 2.8td DL-50 engine that I am currently tying to install in a '94 Discovery going fine so far but there are two pipes off the alternator vacuum pump I have no idea where go?
Any help greatly appreciated. Help
Also i'm sure there will be plenty of you guys who have done the same conversion and any potential pitfalls, things to look out for would be greatly appreciated.

two pipes = brakes

The two pipes your refering to, one goes to the brake servo and the other is a pick up from an oil feed of the engine, depending on your braking type on the vehicle your putting the engine into these may not be needed but the oil pick up must be sealed on the engine.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

Thanks for that. Will check

Thanks for that. Will check what servo it's got, but it is a very basic engine that came out of the Discovery no electronicals to speak of. Can't seem to find a likely match to the smaller of the two pipes though and it heads off towards the back of the engine? Scratch one-s head