1.0 s 2006 Sirion-


Great little car! I just bought mine and exported it to Malta.

Drove through France, over the Alps (2 people and stuffed full of Ikea boxes and our kit for Malta!) as my wife preferred the upand over road to the 6km tunnel.(scenery was a moonscape of rock and cloud) I was more nervous than her, but this little Daihatsu surprised me!

Of course it was a bit breathless on the long drags but left the tail-gaters through every hairpin. I had a sweet 993 3cyl 'A' plate Charade as my first car-a reassuring welcome back!

Only concern is the gearbox seems to clip on the changes, only if I go real slow, or double clutch is it ok. First is a bit stiff at times.Any suggestions?

Hats off to Daihatsu: Malta's hire car of the moment- they're everywhere!!