my sporty didnt pass the imissions test!


does anyone no where i can get a new catt without spending a fortune!???

have you tryed a good

have you tryed a good quility addative in the fuel for a week and give the engine a good warm up by driving before the retest...i have had two cars i mondeo (beloning to a friend) That failed on emissions used an addative recomended by the garage and the car passed....and i have had a change on emisions on my sportrak using the same......might be worth a try but use a good addative cleaner not a £1.99 shot things

a way around

Now there is a way round this, by law you dont have to have the cat replaced beyond a certain age of a vehicle, it can be just an ordinary bit of exhaust pipe, but dont quote me on this just google it to find the answer.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
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