Hello i have a N reg Sportrak and when i fill up with petrol
the fuel gauge never goes to the full mark but stays just over
half way.I know its not a major problem but all the same i would like to fix it thanks.

John Barber.

If it works at all its gettin

If it works at all its getting power.
Therefore the problem would seem to be with the float of the sender unit which swings up as you fill tank with fuel, generating resistance to give you your fuel readings on the gauge. It may be that the arm that swings up is getting stuck..only way to fix that is to drop the tank and get the sender out to inspect.

Another thought is the actual gauge itself...have you tried tapping the glass of the gauge...I have had sticking gauge needles on other cars over the years.

Fuel gauge

Thanks Mike i will try tapping the glass of the gauge or have a look
at the tank thanks for your time mate.


Welcome m8Another thought

Welcome m8

Another thought...before going to trouble of dropping tank..assuming it is'nt just a stuck gauge needle...try going over a hefty bump..this may dislodge the swinging arm of the sender unit if its stuck.
It can't be an open circuit or the gauge would not move at all or it would go all the way to the full mark and not come down...so I really do think stuck needle or swinging arm of sender.

Let us know if you get it sorted out m8