Timing belt or Timing chain ?????


Can anybody tell me how to identify whether I have a belt or a chain without having to take the cover off my 2.8td Fourtrak engine, the crank pulley bolt is being particularly stubborn. I have been told that the earlier ones had chains, but is there any way of finding out from the engine number?

Thanks for the links but

Thanks for the links but they make it as clear as mud!!
Educated guess time it is then until I can get the crank nut off.

I have a 1991 F70 and mine

I have a 1991 F70 and mine has a belt, non-turbo by the way. Its an extremely easy job to do Smile


whats the engine number??? question answered, if its a dl 51 then belt

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack