Sirion brake discs


Hi all,

I have a 2002 Sirion 4 Trak which has been great but some time ago I noticed that my nearside brake disc gets significantly hotter than the offside. The brakes have never been sharp but it passed its MOT no problem and doesn't pull significantly under hard braking but there is a noticable pull when braking softly.

The car has been checked by my regular garage who changed the nearside caliper and discs on both sides. It has also been checked by by a Daihatsu dealer whilst in for a service and as yet there is no explanation. I was wondering if anybody else has noticed this and if so is there a remedy.

The other thing I have is a constant pull to the left. This was improved by getting the wheels aligned by a specialist company but has never been totally cured. I have put this down to a characteristic of the car but I am thinking it may be linked to the above problem.

I would like to get it checked by a brake specialist but don't know of any so if anyboy knows of one in the Midlands I would appreciate the tip.

Many thanks for your help.

Rich Scratch one-s head