2001 1.3 Hi-Jet overheating


Hi new to the forum,have been having a read about and it seems a common problem on these Vans that they overheat.

heres the low down,2001 1.3 EFI Hi Jet,39000 miles,when started up stationary when the engine starts getting warm the engine management light comes on.For about 3-4 miles out on the road the van acts normally temp wise with the fan coming in about 75% of the gauge if stationary.Then all of a sudden the gauge will rise to the top and water will go to the expansion tank taking the level above the 'max' mark.All the time tho on this 3-4 mile drive the engine light is on and off constantly.I have had the water pump off and checked it and seems fine,still to do the thermostat when i can find it,anyone????

has anyone else had similar problems with their HI-jet?

appreciate your replys thanks



Scroll down and read the post: Hi-Jet S-reg Thermostat.