Applause mystery


I have a 91 applause 1.6 efi and I was driving it to work the other day when the engine suddenly cut out (no bangs, pops etc just died) and would'nt start again.

I was driving it about 60mph when it died, I had a look under the hood and noticed the exhaust manifold was glowing red hot but apart from that nothing noticeable. I also topped the coolant up recently as I think it may have a leak coming from the top radiator hose but it did not overheat even though the coolant was low again.

So far I have checked the following:
Fuel pump relay clicks when ignition is turned on.
Car turns over but won't fire, cranks are turning.
It has spark and plugs look normal.
Oil level is normal.
Not the head gasket as I have checked for normal signs etc.
Cat is not blocked as I have disconnected the exhaust from the manifold and can feel gases coming out when turning it over.
Fuel is getting through, I have also tried pouring some fuel into the intake pipe but it still does not fire.
Air filter is clean and intake pipe is taking air in on turn over.

Im kind of at a loss as to what to try next, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Has the cambelt stripped

Mick H