Intermitance starting problem


I have an intermitance starting problem with my suzuki sportrak any ideas?I'd be greatful if anyone has if they could phone me i'll ring you straight back just greatful of any help!01522704614 Tony

Suzuki Sportrak...whats that

Suzuki Sportrak...whats that Unknw

Just post your problem m8 and we'll try to help you solve your problems....

suzuki sportrak

I think you've got your wires crossed dear!

Sorry its daihatsu!

My apologies its a daihatsu sportrak,doing this on behalf of my dad.Hes lookin for help on intermitant starting prob desperate for suggestions?????

Ok now we getting somwhere...

Ok now we getting say intermitent starting problem...give us a bit more detail.

Does the starter crank the engine Unknw

Do you simply hear a click and no cranking of engine Unknw

Does the engine cough and splutter before refusing to start Unknw

Does it start and then stop Unknw

We need a little more information from you before suggesting what the problem might be.

interminant prob

starts ok from cold.Do journey swithch of engine when go to re start it won't fire.Takes up to 10mins to start again.Changed most electrical stuff and tank top.It only happens now and then and also smells of fuel even when running at about 50mph?????

Well you've kinnda answered y

Well you've kinnda answered your own question I would say.

Its certainly a fuel dont say whether your Dad's Sporty is fuel injected or carburator model.

When you say it takes up to 10 minutes to restart and smells of fuel..this sounds like its being flooded or problem with fuel injection system.

I am afraid your going to hav

I am afraid your going to have to let someone (who knows what he's doing as far as petrol fuel injection systems are concerned) have a look at it.

Without being able to see the car..its too diffucult to suggest a solution in this case.

It could be something very simple..then again.