I'm stumped..anyone got any ideas on this one ?


Rumbly/low whining noise from offside front...seems to disappear when turning hard left...reappears on straight..worsens turning hard right. Everything would appear to point to a goosed wheel bearing...so I ordered an outer bearing from Millners.

Anyway...on inspection the bearing already in there seemed pretty good to me..as did the inner bearing. Changed the outer for the new one anyhow (since I had bought the ruddy thing)...greased everything up and reassembled.

Took it for a run...rumbly/low whining noise still present :cry:

Anyone got any suggestions as to what it might be Unknw


Are you sure its the front. T

Are you sure its the front. Try checking the rear wheel bearing. As the different loadings applied as your turn different ways could account for the noises. Possible dud auto hub if they are fitted. Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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It certainly seems to be comi

It certainly seems to be coming from the front m8...but I will check the rear as you suggest.
I got manual hubs fitted and they seem to be in working order.
Had a good look underneath and can't see anything amiss...Dunno what it is... Sad