Trip to Arkaroola Flinders Ranges South Australia Campsite at Arkaroola stayed ther two nights.



Gave the Rocky a treat before we went on the 3000Klm round trip from Melbourne to Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia October 2008.

Had a full tune new injectors and new shocks and coils plus a 2' lift. Never missed a beat, got 28mpg towing the van (1973)Don't do extreme off road as it is my everyday transport, and has served me well. Was a great trip and have 100's of shots of the Flinders Ranges. Did a power steering hose in Clare SA on return to Melbourne, tried a repair but just ended up removing belt and made it home easy but with bigger muscles from parking van.

Have purchased a Nissan dual cab tray, 2003 3Ltre Turbo with chip done for economy and "Go" returning 9-10 ltrs per 100k's for gardening work so the Rocky is semi retired. Have to repair gearbox, a couple of crook bearings and needs new syncros while is out. Will reluctantly sell after gearbox done, to good home and if get the price.

Parts here in Aus are hard to find as were full import for later models, bought the last genuine wiper arms and blades available a couple of years ago.