Hello all, can someone help me with the following. I have a 1996 Fourtrak, Rocky, with standard wheels. At present the tyre size is 225/70 R15. Can I go up to 235/75 R15. I am thinking it might give me a bit more height clearance. Question is would it rub on the arches. or for the extra small amount of clearance, is it worth it?

I just fitted 235/75 15s to

I just fitted 235/75 15s to my fourtrak. The standard tyre size was 225/70 15. Trouble is i bought insa turbo special tracks which have massive tread and side lugs and they catch on the leaf springs. They might be ok on your truck cos im assuming yours is on a torsion bar? But the plus side is this size tyre looks way better than standard and it will fit on without a lift.
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depends on tyre type

what sort of tyres are you gonna fit, deep tread, on road, all terrain??????? if you google the site youll see you can fit up to 31-10.5-15's in some cases

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youtube: Redfourtrack

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I run 31x10.50x15's on a '92 leaf sprung Fourtrak, on standard rims. Just check you have your bump stops in place to prevent body damage.

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I just checked on my old

I just checked on my old tyres and they were 255/70 15s

> When they found him he still had the remote in his hand <