I'm stumped..anyone got any ideas on this one ?


Rumbly/low whining noise from offside front...seems to disappear when turning hard left...reappears on straight..worsens turning hard right. Everything would appear to point to a goosed wheel bearing...so I ordered an outer bearing from Millners.

Anyway...on inspection the bearing already in there seemed pretty good to me..as did the inner bearing. Changed the outer for the new one anyhow (since I had bought the ruddy thing)...greased everything up and reassembled.

Took it for a run...rumbly/low whining noise still present :cry:

Anyone got any suggestions as to what it might be Unknw

Oh by the way its a FourTrack


Sounds like a prob I've had on another vehicle

I had exactly that noise on a Maestro diesel van. What it was that a thrust bearing in the gearbox was collapsing and allowing the whole gear cluster to move. When you went round one corner the cluster (in a transverse engine) slid to one side and the noise got worse. Go round the opposite corner and the 'centrifugal' force shoved the cluster back into place and all went quiet.

Now, 4traks being old fashioned layout, that won't happen with the gearbox .... but it will happen with a differential !

Thanks RFThing is that I ha

Thanks RF
Thing is that I have free wheeling hubs fitted..so when they are in free wheel mode the front diff aint turning..the gear box seems fine as you say..When I lock the hubs the noise persists..its difficult to identify exactly where its coming from..but it does sound like the front offside wheel..but as I say the bearings seem fine..As I decellerate the noise 'slows' down too. Use the clutch pedal and noise is still there...its a low frequency whine..so it must be a moving part..its wierd...its definitley not the engine.
Its really bugging me.

Rumbly noise

Is there any chance at all the noise could be coming from the rear wheel bearing? My local dealer told me that rear wheel bearings NEVER go, but mine did.It can be a bit hard to track these noises down. Scratch one-s head

Thanks for reply Tiff m8.

Thanks for reply Tiff m8.

Today I was attempting to drive along at 50mph with my head stuck out the window trying to identify exactly where the noise was eminating from...not really a good idea I know :)....but I still think its coming from the offside front wheel....I am going to strip it down again to the disc and check the inner bearing again.
My only other thought is the gearbox may be low in oil so tomorrow I will check the level and fill up as neccessary.