Crankshaft pulley


Hi, new here and looking for help! Had a nasty rattle on J reg ('92) F75 3 door 'LWB', garage thought it could have been cam chain/tensioners from description but good news was it was a loose inner crank pulley (nearest engine block). Pulley fell apart when they attempted to sort and so I sourced another online - the bad news is that once they tried to fit it, they noticed that the flange was completely different.

To the best of my ability, the measurements for comparison are (first figure is old pulley, second is for new):

Original New

Flange depth 10mm 25mm
Flange diameter 45mm 42mm
Flange thickness 6mm 5mm
Keyway width 4mm 7mm
Keyway height 2mm 5mm
Keyway depth
thickness of pulley 8mm

I can mail photos showing the supplied part and the remnant of my original pulley to try and make the above easier to interpret. Can't drop them into this since I don't do the webpage thing and thus have nowhere to upload them in the first place. Any help/ advice suggestions would be most welcome - I realise people mod their cars all the time and thus am wondering whether this is a modified engine (2.8 TDX), though it says Daihatsu on the lid...

Belay the last, a mate has uploaded the photos for me:

11/11 Graham Dewhurst was the biz, knew exactly which pulley was required. Sorted and a happy boy...