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HI, Would anyone know where would be the best place to purchase rear brake shoes for my hijet van 993cc efi, 97 reg. Been to main dealer and they are v expensive - £90!!! contacted a few other parts dealers but with no luck, and searched ebay, but all I can find are for earlier models.

Rear brake shoes

Try this on ebay
Item no 120408216516.
Hope it helps.

Much appreciated thanks, but

Much appreciated thanks, but looked at them and phoned the seller to confirm fitting but they are unfortunately for a 1300cc, it would seem that the only major manufacturer of jap brake shoes in this country only make the brakes for my vehicle up to 95', rocking horse sh*t springs to mind, either gotta bit the bullet and purchase the originals from main dealer or look at getting them relined, which may be a slightly cheaper option, either way the rear brakes alone are gonna cost more than I paid for the van in the first place. argh!!! also thinking gonna strip the shoes and measure them up against what else is available, i'm sure they cant be that much difference between 95 and 97.

Brake shoes

I've just downloaded the EBC catalog from their website www.ebcbrakes.com
According to that, the rear brake shoes for a 94-98 1.0 Hijet are no 6559, the same as the 98- 1300.
If you cross reference it you should find what other vehicles they are fitted to, then search ebay again for better prices.

Ecellent, that is great,

Ecellent, that is great, didnt think they would redesign the brakes with every new reg. very much appreciated.