Wiring diagram on CD Workshop manual ?


Am I an idiot Unknw But I didn't find one.

Now its trivial but Cigar socket doesn't work but its fuse is intact.

Now I'd prefer to see what ought to be there before I fit an additional earthing point and fuse box to get it working.

My Sat Nav runs off it and I bought the Fourtrak for long journeys, towing sometimes.

So the question is does the diagram exist somewhere or am I out of luck !



wiring diagram on CD


The sections with the wiring info is "Body Electrical System", also "Harness and Wiring" as per my CD for a F75. I use the Cigar socket to run a GPS unit and a Netbook, the GPS unit feeding the netbook computer which has Memory Maps (Ordance Survey Maps) installed. My cigar unit was u/s and replace with one from a Halfords shop and all is fine.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

I'll check that out and fit

I'll check that out and fit a replacement as yoy recommend !

Many thanks for responding.

: ))