rear body lights staying on


yesterday the wind and rain caused the alarm hazard lights to flash and when i got home from work the rear body brake red lights were stuck on but the bumper lights wernt,2.8 fourtak tdx1994 any ideas folks?and many thanks for any replies

rear body lights

my body lights are side lamp and main light only when checked tonight my brake lights are in the bumpers only

on most cars the power goes

on most cars the power goes from the fuse to the switch then to the lights and then earths through the body back to the battery earth..(switched supply).. i think the fourtrak lights are different.. power goes from the fuse to the light then back to the switch where its switched to earth on the body to get back to the battery..(switched earth).. so a short circuit on the wire from the light to switch will result in the light being permenantly on. look for chaffing of the wires where they run up over the fuel tank and or water in the light itself.. good luck

Wrong: The live is switched


The live is switched in most applications in most vehicles, exceptions are the indicators and horn on the majority of vehicles, as these are the only circuits with switched earths.

It does confuse many people when they try to diagnose electrical problems.

On Fourtrak's the reversing, brake, and sidelights are live switched.