Fourtrak insurance


I run a 1988 Fourtrak EL in West London. Insurers want £400 to insure me for next year. 41 year old, max no claims bonus, Third party only, business use. Seems a bit steep to me. Does anyone do specialist insurance for these vehicles?

Thanks, Dave

YupTry 'Roadsure' or 'Adr


Try or 'Adrian Flux Insurance'

I am sure either company will give you a cheaper quote.

I insure my track with Esure.Pay £23 per month fully comp..but you have to have at least 4 years no claims bonus (which you do . I dont live in London though.

fourtrak insurance

i managed to get insured on my 86 rocky diesel for £160 a year
car has 2 b kept on drive and no more than 3000 a year classic insurance with a company called firebond . hope this helps

4x4 Insurance

You might try National Farmers Union, they tend to be quite competitive on fourtracks, as most of them are driven by farmers anyway. I ended up going through Cornhill for my Sportrack, as NFU wouldnt insure my occupation (Nightclub Manager)

Fourtrak insurance

Might be loaded because you live in London?

Try Direct Choice (look them up on the web). Mine's with them and was a lot cheaper than yours.

daihatsu insurance

j get classic insurance on my 86 fourtrack as long as its kept on a drive way or garage with 3000 ltd milage costs me £160 a year with a company called firebond you dont need to use your no claims because its on a classic , leaving it free for another vehicle , in my case a 93 wrangler


hiya i went through TSB online insurance I paid £330 fully comp so maybe check them out ok I do have 9 year no claims so maybe that makes a difference but you can look
good luck is worth a try

They came up with a competitive quote. I put in an address around the corner and user Mr Atilla Thehun to save me getting a load of crap mail which these enquiries seem to generate.