Finally a Daihatsu owner - 2004 Yellow YRV turbo


After being an admirer for a long time, I've finally bought a daihatsu.
Picked up the sunshine yellow YRV Turbo yesterday and drove (happily) back home.
Got a good deal, but the car needs 2 things, perhaps someone here can help:

Drivers side electric windows (4-button) switch panel. The drivers window button is missing and thus I cannot open/close my window.

Drivers door stay - the little device that is between the hinges that allows the door to stay open at certain angles. The door just swings open freely and will damage the hinges if I leave it like this.

I am also interested in the scangauge II, but wondering if it is worth it to spend a bit more and get the dash-dyno. Anyone tried this?

Are the lowering springs still available anywhere?
Also where would I find sports air filters?

Welcome Fellow Yellow Turbo

Welcome Fellow Yellow Turbo owner! Smile

I hope you got some money knocked off for the issues you have? To get replacements your best bet is to go on E-bay or visit your local breakers and procure the items you need off a standard YRV.

I have the Scan gauge 2 and must say it's a very useful tool, especially the guages, as I can see how much voltage the battery is getting and what the temp of the Intercooler is. As for a Delta Dash, never tried one I'm afraid.

As for lowering springs, these are quite rare for the Turbo model. I managed to keep my eye out and getting hold of only 2 sets of Tein Spring kits (lowers the car by 35mm rear, 30mm front) the ones the dealers used to provide were eibachs, and they are very hard to get hold of these days.

Sports filters, again is something that can be hard to find. I have opted for a replacement cone type on my car and went with the Blitz Stainless cone filter. Gives a nice whooshing sound Wink

Unfortunately you have bought a car which is a bit of challenege for aftermarket parts. But you will enjoy the reliabilty Smile

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Enjoying already for sure!`

Thanks, and yes, after searching quite a bit I still haven't found anything. There has been one breakeryard quote for the door stay at £40, but want to check a local one first. I'm wondering if the standard YRV has the same door setup? I'm sure I've seen a red one parked at a breaker in Bath.
I shall probably go for the scangauge then, it seems a good buy for the price.
And guess I'll just keep an eye out for a set of springs, but the car is quite a lot of fun in stock form anyway Smile
I did manage to knock some money off for the repairs, so just want to sort that out asap.

2004 Yellow YRV Turbo

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2004 Yellow YRV Turbo