new sportrak owner help needed.


Hi i've just got hold of a sportrak and i love it! However on its first nights work around the farm the throttle seems to have gotten stuck around a constant 3000revs. After having a closer look under the bonnet i've noticed the previous owner has blanked off, looped and left loose alot of pipes. I need help maybe in the form of a diagram to show me where these pipes should go and where there are pipes missing. The throttle sticking has now gone so im thinking that could have been a sticky float but i'd still like to get the pipes in the right place and replaced.
ps, its a G reg 1.6 EL.


Welcome to the site, sorry I cannot help with your requirement for the pipe work, as I have a Fourtrak, hoping others will come to your help. May I suggest you purchase a Service Manual on a CD from the site ( top of page, Service Manuals), there is one listed for Sportraks.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX