Brake problem on Sportrak


My girlfriend has just purchased a 1992 ELXi. We're trying to sort out the niggly problems it has.

One is-

On hard braking it pulls towards the kerb. Tyre wear is ok and I though pads but on inspecting these seem ok.
There is a bit of (old) scoring on the near (kerb) side brake disc but I suspect it is the offside that is underbraking?

The calipers look a bit rusty and my guess is to look at trying to refurbish or 'clean' the cylinders up.

Has anyone done this or can offer advice on this, or have alternative thoughts about the problem?




Hi Neil,
Before you strip calapers down, check the rear brakes if there not ajusted correctly it will pull to one side I would assume the fronts are ok if they have equal wear on the pads pop it down to local garage and see if they would put it on there rolling road to check brake balance for a few quid might it might save you a lot of work.


Thanks all,

as the MOT is due to run out in 1 month I decided to put it in, knowing they would test the brakes as part of it.
Their brake test identified an inbalance on the front and following the visual checks I'd done previously, thought the sticking calipers the most likely option.
The local mechanic (who it turns out is a 4trak owner) said this is a common fault.
I decided to let him get on with it and it turns out that this was the case and they needed an overhaul.

Thanks for the help,

Good suggestion about rolling

Good suggestion about rolling road and brake efficiency measurements..however if it turns out that the offside is underbraking then more than likely you have a sticking caliper.
You can get refurbishment kits from main dealers ..but they charge an arm and a leg...if you end up going this route contact Millners offroad to see if they do a no. under parts dealers at the top of the page.

A good idea is to strip the c

A good idea is to strip the calipers as suggested, but first and just as important is to make sure all the mountings are clean - they 'float' on shafts which if fouled by muck, dirt etc will make for uneven wear, braking and the like. If this does not work then completly change the fluid and replace with DOT 4. Then move on if no joy.

A caliper strip is not that bad a job - just fiddly. You'll need to make sure you have some of those squeeze action clamps to push the pistons back in - about a fiver from B & Q.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Check the rear brakes. Probably need adjusting. Also check the handbrake adjusters.