Owners Manual, Full W/S manual, Sportrak tools/car-jack.


My Sporty 'J' reg 80K miles from new has been scrapped and I have a new mini under the £2000 scrap scheme. A waste of a nice Sporty since it was in good condition!

I will now be throwing away anything related to my Sporty.

I have the original F300 owners manual which came with the Sporty. The 210mm x 150mm x 10mm book in excellent condition apart from a few oil thumb prints.

I have on CD 'Daihatsu 4x4 Service Manual - Feroza - F300-Sportrak' version 1.1 April 30th 2001. CD contains chapters/files of hundreds of pages of Sportrak mechanical details which can be viewed or printed on Microsoft Word. The Sportrak workshop manual manual.

Also the original daihatsu tool-box and car-jack etc.

Small price if anyone want to contact me via this sites message board. Sad