Sportrak engine failure!


Well my sporty was off the road for 9months due to a driving ban, shortly before the ban i had had the radiator reconditioned and new leaf springs fitted. On re admission to the road it failed the MOT due to the emissions so got a new cat at a cost of £100 and then it passed, but then the headgasket went within a day of having it back on the road! Spent £200 on the headgasket, refitied it and now there is a pressure problem somewhere! so he wont even start. Is it worth taking the engine apart again to find the problem an have the head skimmed again or is it time to stop and take him to the scraper or is ot worth getting a new engine for it at the risk of getting one with same problems! I love my sporty and dont want any other vehical! Anyone have suggetions on my next course of action would be greatly apreciated, im at a loss!