Strange light !


lower part of dashboard right of steering wheel, below the little knob which may or may not control the idle speed of the engine is a dangling bulb ,

It flashes just once when the indicators are turned on.

Maybe related to the hole in the dash just above the knob.

Is this useful Unknw What does it do Unknw

Does it deserve to be chopped off and binned Unknw

A confused,


Little knob and indicator light

'92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


The little knob to the right of the right and below the steering wheel is for setting the engine speed for ancillary items like PTO operated winches and ancilary equipment. ( rotate to the right and engine speed increases).(this is NOT for setting engine idling speed) I have a small light to the left and below the the steering wheel which flashes once when the indicators are selected , no trailer attached, and in time with the indicators when trailer is attached. ( indicator relay).

Seems like bulb has droped out of its location, which again seems a variable place, as mine is to the lower left of steering wheel, it does serve a purpose, as to indicate whether the indicator lights on the trailer are operational.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Brilliant ! I'll see if I

Brilliant ! I'll see if I can pop it back in its hole !

(and I was going to chop it off ans sling it ! Glad I asked ! ! Lol )



It has to be connected as

It has to be connected as you have to have an audible or visual warning that the trailer indicators are working.