Looking to get a Sportrak


I'm on the lookout for a reasonably priced (idealy less than a grand) Sportrak in moderate clean condition. I've seen a few advertised but all seem to sell quite quick or be a millin miles away - but anyway, I'm sure one will come along sooner or later.

But a quick bit of advice on things to look out for, common faults etc. would go a long way!


HI, i've had mine for the

HI, i've had mine for the last 2 1/2 years with only minor issues - a new waterpump, and rear exchaust box - to nothing out the ordinary. My fan heater switch doesn't work on the first setting. Apart from that, nothing else has caused any problems. Servicing is dead easy and i do mine every 6k miles. I've put larger off-road tyres than standard, which has obvisouly caused the speedo to be out by approx 5mph - so worth remembering. Also if you do change tyres for larger off road ones, do them all at once with the same brand otherwise when in 4x4 you will probably experience diff windup, when the front and back axles are trying to turn at different speeds - not noticable on mud and dirt, but on the road it drives really badly. When you buy one, I would advise spending time cleaning down the chassis and giving it a good old coat of wax oil to at least give it some protection, and doing the same to the wheel arches. I also took off the plastic wheel arch extension and checked, and undersealed under them - as dirt, dust and water can get in and rot the edges - bit of a pain to do but worth it in the end. I brought mine as a run about and green laning, and have ended up using it pretty much all the time now and find it pretty good fun to drive - but slow!

do you want mine?

Im thinking of selling mine
its a k reg eli
red with a silver top
it has a roof rack and a bull bar

It has had the following work done to it
New wheels and tires (nice alloys - £150 on their own)
New Drivers side rear wheel arch
full rubber matting in the back and under the rear seats

only done 37000 miles (yes thats right thirty seven thousand) interior is lovely

bit rusty underneath but everything works and flew through its mot

bad bits:
Bit of badly filled rust on front of bonnet - bust a new one would be £30-40 from a breakers
sills and bottoms of doors painted black following some welding - looks very good though and the work is very solid - the mot tester said he hadn't even noticed it had been welded.
has some little black bits stuck to the insode of the windscreen - but not noticible)

I have removed the extended numberplate holder on the back and fitted a landrover style one straight on to the rear door - the original type is included if you want it

Comes with spare fuel pump (at least £60 from a breakers and they are awfull to remove as they are infront and above the fuel tank)

also included will be a custom made bike rack which mouts to the back of the chassis and holds three bikes( - very strong and very stable)

I would like upwards of £600 for it but am open to offers
PM me for pics or if you want to have a look, i am based in london