hello, and help!


Hello folks,

I've just become the proud owner of a 1998 Hi-jet 1.3 EFI with ~83K miles.

I see from searching the forum that a service manual is a bit pricey, but I was hoping someone might provide a few technical details for me and save me the cost - at least until one appears on ebay...

Could anyone confirm that the cambelt interval is 60K Unknw (don't actually have any service history so I'd like to change it anyway). Does this require any special tools or is it fairly straight-forward?

what is the ignition timing setting (for when the new belt is fitted)?

many thanks



Try Ebay item no 140341778267.
I bought one of these discs & it's great.
Much cheaper than a genuine Daihatsu one too. Smile


Thanks for that! I've just bought one.

I would never have thought of searching ebay for "piaggio ape porter voiturette" Wink

but I guess it has the same engine, so should be what I need.

Any comments on what tools are needed for timing belt change?


I stumbled on this manual

I stumbled on this manual accidentally.
I don't have a clue what tools you need to change a cambelt, but would be interested to know how big a job it is .
My Hi-jet has done 106,000 mls, I have no service history & don't know when it was last done.
Please post on here when you do it, to give me an idea whats in store.

timing belt change

OK, i've just received my manuals - looks simple enough - as long as the sprockets don't need changing.

Just got to get the new belt - japarts looks like the cheapest - unless anyone knows better??

I'll let you know how it goes.


Timing belt done!

Hi folks,

Took I while longer than I hoped to get around to this job, but I fitted a new timing belt today. Biggrin

It is quite easy, and took about 2 hours (at least one of which was spend looking for the right tools - never did find my torque wrench - had to borrow one from the neighbour in the end).

Tools required:
torque wrench
10mm socket (I'd recommend 1/2" drive and 1/4" drive)
14mm socket (to fit torque wrench - 1/2" in my case)
17mm socket for turning crankshaft
8mm socket for mud shield bolts
marker pen
small mirror (to help with checking timing mark alignment)

N.B. I didn't loosen the alternator - I just removed and refitted waterpump pulley and belt - so if you want to do this bit properly you may need some other tools for the alternator bolts.

As I didn't want to do it from underneath, (what with all the snow) I didn't actually remove the mud-shield completely - but I did remove the air filter box (10mm x 3) so I had better access from under drivers seat. I needed to loosen mudshield a bit to get at the two bolts holding the bottom of the air filter box.

remove waterpump pulley (10mm x 4), and fanbelt.
remove crankshaft pulley (10mm x 4). bolts came off easily but pully is a snug fit - needed to wiggle it off.
remove timing cover (10mm x 8ish) - I had one of these snap off but it can live without it.

turn crank clockwise (17mm) to align timing marks.
loosen tensioner (14mm) - This was the only bolt that was noticeably tight, but not alarmingly so.
pull tensioner back with one finger and hold whilst tightening bolt to hold it off.

remove old belt

fit new one.

mark camshaft tooth 3 teeth to left of 'F' timing mark.
check timing marks are still aligned.
release tensioner and then retitghten.
turn engine 3.5 turns then carefully turn until your mark is alighed with tappet cover timing mark.
release tensioner bolt and leave loose.
turn engine clockwise, carefully, three teeth (i.e. until normal timing marks are aligned).
tighten and torque up tensioner bolt.
re-check timing marks are all still aligned correctly and check belt tension by deflection test.

reassemble timing covers (torque specified but too low for 'my' wrench - so just took my best guess)
refit pulleys and fanbelt (torque specified for crankshaft)
refit airfilter

all done. Smile