1999 Hijet 1.3 efi - won't start


Hi all, any help gratefully received, before I get it trailered into a 'little man'

1) No 'check engine' light but all others show when key turned to ignition.
2) Engine turns on starter.
4) All fuses in main box ok.
3) No voltage at fuel pump relay, but relay tests ok by removing and applying 12 volts and by swapping with the one below it (where there is 12 volts)

Obviously I suspect fuel pump as there's no click and whirr, but baffled by lack of engine check light. Wiring loom/connector at rear of tank looks ok, but haven't dropped tank to view/test further (as parked on road). I see from Piaggio w/shop manual that there could be 2 further 10a fuses controlling efi system, but they're definitely not where shown in the picture (later model manual?). Did these replace the single 20a fuse (also ok) just below the main fuse box? - if not what does this one control? Otherwise maybe ecu problem?

Thanks in anticipation of someone having had a similar condition.

Engine management light

My 1.0 Litre Hijet had a similar problem.I managed to find two fuses hidden behined the E.C.U. on the passenger side, below the dashboard.They were inside something that looked like a small relay.This was a great relief to me as I thought the problem might be the E.C.U itself.