coolant loss


hi folks
i,m new to this forum,but i am desperate for some info

I have a 95 f78 fourtrak that is losing coolant from one of four holes in the side of the cylinder head below the exhaust and inlet manifolds,which I assumed were core plug holes,but further investigation shows what look like tubes running from the bottom of the cylinder head to the top (vertically) the holes them selves are approx 20mm deep and 14 mm diameter Unknw

so what are these, why is one leaking and why did my local dealer sell me four core plugs which showed up on there parts system ????

thanks in advance for any help kevin

coolant loss

further to the above comment, I have now identified what the "TUBES" are
and need to remove the cylinder head, does any body know the cylinder head bolt and rocker shaft pedestal bolt tightening torque figures

thanks kevin

I've only got the F70 F75

I've only got the F70 F75 F77 manual, but here are the torques anyway:

Cylinder Head: 117.7NM - 12kgfm - 4ftlb
"valve rocker shaft": 5.9NM - 0.60kgfm - 4.3ftlb

coolant loss

thanks for the info ill let you know how I get on

cheers kevin