TERIOS clutch gear change problem


Hello all, I havea 2002 Terios, my 3rd terry too. This car is GREAT but...it has developed an issue with the clutch. Sometimes you can not select a gear, if this happens you have to pump the clutch pedal then the gear can be selected. Also the the clutch engages as soon as the pedal is lifted fractionally from the floor. I took the car to Mr Clutch, who said the clutch was fine, but it does'nt feel'right'. Any thoughts please. Thanks in advance

Terios clutch gear change problems

I am also having problems with my 2001 Terios. The clutch was changed around 12 months ago, but is causing problems again. When trying to manoeuver into a parking spot, the gears sieze and can only be changed if I switch the engine off, then change, then switch it back on again. Reverse is particularly affected and can cause the engine to cut out. The car has yet to have done 60,000 miles. My mechanic has had a look at it but doesn't seem really sure as to what is causing the problem. Can anyone help please? Cray 2Help

clutch & transmission problems

the Terios has a hydraulic clutch system. assuming that the hydraulic fluid (dot 4) is at the correct level the most likely problem will be the master cylinder. this is the part that pushes the fluid down the pipes to push a piston to disengage the clutch. if the master cylinder becomes worn the hydraulic fluid will leak past the piston, this will mean the clutch will not fully disengage casing the need to "pump" the clutch.
The other thing that could contribute to the problem is the gear linkage cables, if they are worn/stretched the gears will not be able to engage correctly. but this sounds less likely with what you are describing.

4th & 5th gears

Hi all.
Didn't want to start a new thread so I'm posting here, hope it's alright.
I got a Terios J210 '06 with a manual transmission. I've had it for about 1,5 year and it's been almost painless. There is one thing that has been bothering me since I bought it, which is the difference in the revs between 4th and 5th gear. There is almost no difference in them. Lets say I'm driving in 4th with 3500rpm, I put it into 5th and revs go down to about 3000rpm. It has been like that since I got it and the clutch is still in OK working order, but I don't think it's supposed to be reving like that. Could the gearbox be faulty or am I just overthinking it?